Lessons are so much fun

I have been working with Rob for a few weeks now. Before having training with Rob my border collie was a nightmare to the point I would dread going on walks with him. He was constantly pulling on the lead, lunging at cars and running off to other dogs. Generally he would pick and choose when listening to me. Since he is a border collie his on switch was on all the time and didn’t know how to switch off. After having lessons with Rob I’ve seen such a difference in him. He’s learning how to walk better on lead, listen to me and pay attention to only me. I’ve seen a difference in his recall where when shouted he will come back straight away. With having lessons and continuous training when not in class it’s taught rasskle that he can switch off creating a chilled out dog and not play all the time. Lessons are so much fun, rasskle looks forward to the lessons as he provides teaching along side having fun. I highly recommend Rob as a trainer as he has taught us how we can work together. I’ve seen a massive improvement with Rasskle and I’m constantly happy with the results I see each week through training. It’s been great being able to have Rob up here in Scotland as our location is up in Scotland
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