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I’ve never had a dog before due to non family support and personal commitments – a dog is for life hey. Well, now my career commitments are simply 13.5 hours a week. I’m financially stable and live on a 10 acre plot. So, I thought now was the time to investigate getting a dog. I have been looking after a German shepherd for an elderly couple yet Ruby was never mine. I’d fallen in love with the breed. Smart, dedicated, loyal and loving yet needs lots of mental stimulation. I was looking for a part trained Male German Shepherd 1-2 years old. However, I searched for weeks relentlessly, yet found the the price of a trained animal from £6500 and way higher! I contacted various dog training schools and got nowhere. Then, I contacted One To One Dog Training and received an email from the owner kindly telling me that I’m looking for something very unlikely to find. Robert told me that any trainer that’s spent their time daily training a dog for 1-2 years are doing so to produce an Operational dog and thus the animal will have taken blood sweat and tears and so will come with a heavy price. Robert suggested i reorientate my search and finances towards a GSD that was likely 6 months old and obedience trained. A dog that would be accepted into the police – would demonstrate that it would then be worth their time to train to the highest level. Robert had an incredible blood lined Male, 6 month GSD and would come down to check me and the environment out. Robert and his lovely wife spend a whole afternoon with me and my family getting to know each other. After they left, we couldn’t believe our luck. Not only was the dog incredible but Robert was offering to be on hand for the lifespan of the animal even offering for me to visit him anytime, would give me all the accessories our dog would need (astonishing handmade leather and brass lead, grooming kit, food etc!) I’m from the Tech industry and we would call his a complete managed service! Needless to say, the dog was incredible and I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful location so, the dog would inevitably enjoy a wonder life. Having witnessed how Robert operated and the response of his dogs to his commands – I not only wanted the dog but thought actually, I want those Dog Handling skills too. Robert works with actual Police Handlers to aid our development- an incredible privilege and experience. We train in a group of no more than 8 student and taught by multiple experienced handlers. Sadly, “I” need Far more training then Major the dog. It’s such a great experience. I look back at other families dogs, well behaved and badly behaved and now starting to catch a glimpse at the startling and radical difference of professionally trained animals. Have a huge respect and a bit of awe actually. It’s a daily commitment of hard work via positive reinforcement yet Unfathomably worth it. So here I am, with a stunning GSD called Major and I’m training weekly with Robert to become an accredited Handler. This way I’ll bond with Major to an infinitely greater extent and can flexibility be subcontracted to events that require a protection presence.
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