Here’s my beginners testimonial

I and my darling dog Harris started with Rob just a few weeks ago. Though it’s early days I am impressed and have already seen some positive changes. Harris is a lovely Golden Retriever (from working dogs) who is clever and fun but also can be a handful: sometimes reactive, dominant & worse of all has chased/ tried to play with little kids who were playing with moving objects -thus scaring and upsetting everyone ! The changes in Harris since training started have been subtle but I now find that he is more attentive to my commands – definitely paying more attention. I find Rob very easy to talk to and I think I’m modelling some of my behaviour with my dog on Robs. Harris is soon going in for residential training & I’m delighted to say he is going to be trained as an assistance dog. I’m nervous about the residential training as Harris is a big soppy boy really and will be far from home, but Rob has won my trust and I’m looking forward to seeing more positive developments in Harris’s behaviour.
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