Couldn’t recommend enough

Ever since Sugar Ray started with Rob, immediately he has become calmer around the house with the children and our other dog where we had previously been experiencing a lot of nipping and jumping. Sugar is around half way through his training and we are very proud of how well it is going so far, he listens and reacts to commands where other pups from the same litter are lacking. At only 9 months old his training and his ability to listen to instructions is so much more advanced compared to our older dog when she was learning. He has just started his bite work and praise drive and already his mental maturity is excelling. Sugar is always extremely excited to see Rob when he arrives to collect him and we can see the friendship they have built over the past couple of months which is very settling to know he is happy when he’s away from his family home. We couldn’t recommend enough to take care of your pets and teach them some amazing skills.
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