Contacting Rob was one of the best things we have ever done.

We are the proud owners of a 12-month-old German Shepard named Zac who, in 2005, could be a bit of a handful. He is just so playful and boisterous and I was finding him just a little hard work to handle, especially on the lead. A couple of months ago we contacted The Dog Listener who came to us and told us to just ignore him, I know it looks good on the TV, but how could you correct Zac by ignoring the problem as he didn’t realise there was anything wrong and also we found it difficult to ignore Zac completely as he is part of the family. We then saw an advert in the paper for Rob’s operational support, and thought it’s worth a try so Rob could train us for us to train Zac. We decided to book a 10-week training course and within the 1st week we had already noticed a difference in Zac and the way he behaved. Zac has calmed down a lot and we feel more in control. At the end of our training course, I am sure I will be able to take Zac anywhere and know that I feel 100% confident. It will be a pleasure to show everyone what a good, obedient dog we have. Contacting Rob was one of the best things we have ever done and without his help and confidence in us, and Zac, we would have been at a loss. Thanks Rob for all your hard work and advice, Thanks
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