Changed her life and ours.

I’ve sent in my two GSD for high level obedience training, my male Atlas is 4 months old and already highly trained, the only thing I’ve needed help with is some behaviour problems, within a few minutes Rob brought the excitement under control and taught me how. I adopted a female GSD last Saturday, the previous owner didn’t tell me that she hadn’t been socailised at 6months old and she was aggressive to people. I got her to like me and my partner after 30minutes but i knew i needed professional help with her. On the way home I called Rob and he told him the situation, the next day i took him to her and I’ve seen changes so drastic I now comfortable with her in public. Her personality hasn’t changed, she’s still a happy dog and even better with no fear of people so everyone is now safe. Thank you Rob and your team you’ve changed her life and ours.
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