Boisterous Rottie

Rob has been working with our 1 year old rottweiler, Trevor, for almost 4 weeks now and the results have to be seen to be believed. Trevor is a boisterous boy who was very reactive on walks often lunging and Barking at other dogs and walks became stressful for all of us. within this short time, Rob has worked wonders with him. Trevor now happily walks and works alongside other dogs and no longer lunges like he used to and his recall is so much better. what we love the most is that he makes training fun for both Trevor AND us and Trevor absolutely loves to work with Rob and gets excited whenever he sees him. The methods used are all positive and based on “praise and reward” Rob has the ability to communicate with dogs in a way they understand and its clear that he has a genuine love for dogs. he has also helped us correct previously learned unwanted behaviour. not only is he trustworthy but a genuine guy who has helped us build a better relationship with our dog. anyone with a reactive dog knows how frustrating it is to find the right trainer and we honestly can’t recommend Rob enough. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is always on hand to provide support if needed. Thank you so much Rob for all you do.
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