An absolute godsend

I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD (cPTSD) several years ago and my condition meant that my life was often lonely and isolated as I struggle to maintain any relationships and interact with people; often being confined to the house, alone, for long periods of time. The minute I bought Martin from you, my life has changed exponentially. I couldn’t have imagined how much a working PTSD dog would change my life. He “senses” my emotions and reacts accordingly – responding to my “fight, flight or freeze” moments as required when we’re outside. He’s an absolute godsend when I need to go shopping; because he’s trained to come into the shops with me and keep people at a distance from me, it allows me to feel “safe” when in a crowded store. His greatest benefit to me is that when I have a flashback or nightmare he will put his “chin” on me to reassure me. Having to walk a dog means I have to leave the house even if I don’t really want to; once I’m out people always comment on how well trained he is and that’s thanks to you training him before I bought him. I can’t thank you enough for Martin; you selected the right dog for my requirements. I’ve only had him a year but I’ve finally got some independence back – with his assistance I’m leading a far more functional / normal life. Thank you.
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