A huge thank you!

I was so delighted to find Robert and his team. My dog is a stray from Romania. She is a beautiful loving dog. Unfortunately she came to me in December 2020 with no training whatsoever. Her recall was excellent and she is a wonderful loving dog. It was very easy to house train her. The trouble was that I could not get her to accept a lead and collar. If I tried to approach her with them she would rush to her safe bed and tremble with fear. So we were stuck in the house and garden. Something awful must have happened to her in Romania. She would not let me groom her or dry her paws. Because I couldn’t take her out her claws grew really long. I tried to get in touch with her rescuers but they refused to deal with me. In the meantime we really bonded. She was responsive to commands. I knew that I did not have enough knowledge to help her. I saw Robert’s website and felt that he could help me. She went to his training school and has done really well. I give Robert and his team five stars. I was sent videos of her progress. Robert was always available if I had any queries. The team collected her from me and brought her home. She was seen by a vet and her claws were clipped. Bella and I now have a lovely future together. A huge thank you to Robert and his team.
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