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We are a dedicated team of professionals who consist of ex-military, ex-police and civilian dog trainers/behaviourists. All personal protection dogs for sale are trained by our experienced professionals.

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For Sale: Fully Trained Rottweiler - Reeper

Age: 1 year

Price: £4000 (Includes assistance harness training, Leeds training/collar, 1 month's food, and 4 one-to-one training sessions with new owners)

Reeper is a remarkable Rottweiler who is ready to join a loving family. He has undergone extensive training and possesses an array of skills that make him an ideal addition to any home. With his exceptional temperament and versatility, Reeper is not only a wonderful companion but also shows potential as an assistance dog.

Key Features:

  • Fantastic Personal Protection Dog. He os bred and trained specifically for personal protection, offering you peace of mind and a sense of security like never before. With an innate ability to detect potential threats and a strong desire to defend their loved ones, this remarkable dog will ensure your safety day and night.

  • Great home protection.

  • Ready for Executive Protection dog training. If you require an elite level of personal protection, our dog is up to the task. They possess the potential to excel in executive protection training, further enhancing their skills and readiness. With the right guidance and specialised training, this extraordinary companion can become your ultimate guardian in any situation.

  • Great family dog: Reeper is known for his friendly and affectionate nature. He loves spending time with people of all ages, making him an excellent choice for families.

  • Social with other dogs: He is highly sociable and gets along well with other dogs. He can be a great playmate for your existing pets or a welcome addition to your doggy social circle.

  • House trained: He is fully house trained, saving you the time and effort usually required during the early stages of ownership.

  • Highly driven and capable. The drive to protect runs deep in their veins, fueling their determination to keep you safe. This remarkable dog thrives on challenges and eagerly takes on new tasks. Their relentless dedication to your security sets them apart as a truly exceptional personal protection partner.

  • Ongoing training: Reeper is currently undergoing Foundation obedience and foundation assistant dog training. This means he already possesses a solid foundation of training and is eager to learn and excel.

  • Availability: Reeper is ready to find his forever home right away. You don't have to wait to bring this amazing companion into your life.

Additional Benefits:

  • Assistance harness training: Reeper has received specialised training for assistance dog work, including harness training. This makes him an excellent candidate for individuals who may require assistance in their day-to-day lives.

  • Leeds training/collar: Reeper comes with Leeds training, ensuring he is accustomed to being in public spaces and can behave appropriately during outings.

  • 1 month's food: To make the transition easier, we are providing one month's worth of high-quality dog food for Reeper.

  • 4 one-to-one training sessions: We believe in setting you and Reeper up for success. As part of the package, you will receive four personalised training sessions to help you bond and reinforce his training.

Further Training and Support:

  • Assistance dog certification: Reeper will require further training to qualify as an assistance dog. This includes passing the public access test, which allows him to accompany you in public places.

  • Lifetime support: We are committed to your success as an assistance dog owner. You will have access to lifetime support via telephone, email, and 24-hour WhatsApp assistance.

  • If you are ready to welcome Reeper into your home and benefit from the love and loyalty of a well-trained Rottweiler, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Don't miss this opportunity to add a remarkable companion to your family!

Note: Due to the unique nature of Reeper's training and potential as an assistance dog, the price reflects his exceptional qualities and the investment made in his development.

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