Personal Protection Dogs

One-to-one private and personalised dog obedience and puppy training classes.

(Covers all breeds of dogs from 12 weeks old).

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Personal Protection Dogs Training

At One to One Dog Training School, we understand the importance of feeling safe and secure. That’s why we offer training for Personal Protection Dogs – the ultimate solution for those seeking the highest level of canine security. Our meticulously crafted program transforms dogs into trained personal protection dogs, prepared to intervene and defend you in life-threatening situations.

We take pride in our team’s unmatched experience. Our instructors boast over 40 years of experience, training over 35,000 dogs. This expertise translates into exceptional service and unwavering dedication to your safety.

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Personal Protection Dog Training Courses

Our Executive Personal Protection Dog Training is the pinnacle of our personal protection dog training courses in the UK and worldwide. This specialised program goes far beyond basic obedience. We rigorously train dogs of all breeds to become powerful deterrents and protectors, ready to act on your command.


Our curriculum focuses on real-world scenarios, equipping your dog to defend against threats like muggings, home invasions, and carjackings. Your dog will learn to maintain composure under extreme pressure, acting only on your instruction. We cultivate rock-solid on and off-leash control, ensuring flawless response to commands even amidst distractions. While fiercely protective, your dog will interact safely with others, guaranteeing a well-adjusted companion.


Our commitment to your safety extends beyond borders. One to One Dog Training School offers international personal protection dog training. We can fly our expert trainers anywhere in the world to provide this specialised service directly at your location.


Personal protection dog training is a significant investment, but the peace of mind it brings is priceless. Contact One to One Dog Training School today for a consultation and discover how a trained personal protection dog can become an invaluable member of your family.

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