One-to-one private and personalised dog obedience and puppy training classes.

£150 per session for obedience training
( covers all breeds of dogs from 12 weeks old )
Offer available from the Scottish Borders up to Edinburgh

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Why is dog obedience important?

A well-trained dog is a happy dog and can make life much easier for both the owner and the dog. Obedience training helps dogs learn how to behave appropriately in different situations, and it can also strengthen the bond between the dog and the owner.

Obedience training is an essential part of responsible dog ownership. By starting with the basics, using positive reinforcement, being consistent and patient, socialising your dog, and considering professional training if needed, you can help your dog become a well-behaved and happy member of your family.

Dog obedience training is an essential part of responsible dog ownership.

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We offer personalised one-to-one / private obedience and puppy training services designed to help dogs and their owners achieve a happy and harmonious relationship. Our services are tailored to the individual needs of each dog and its owner, and we work closely with you to develop a training plan that meets your specific goals.

  1. Our one-to-one / private obedience training services cover basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. We use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour. We believe that training should be fun for both the dog and the owner, so we incorporate games and play into our sessions to keep things interesting.

  2. Our one-to-one / private puppy training services are designed specifically for puppies between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. We focus on socialisation, housebreaking, and basic obedience commands. We also provide guidance on puppy nutrition, grooming, and health care. Our trainers will work with you to develop a personalised training plan that addresses your puppy's specific needs and behaviours.

  3. Our one-to-one / private training sessions are taught by experienced trainers who are passionate about dogs and their well-being. We take a personalised approach to training, tailoring our methods to the individual needs of each dog and its owner. We believe that every dog is unique and deserves individual attention and care.

In addition to our regular training services, we also offer customised behaviour modification programs for dogs with specific behaviour issues. Our trainers will work with you to develop a personalised plan that addresses your dog's specific issues and behaviours.

At our training centre, we believe that training is a lifelong process. We provide ongoing support and guidance to our clients, even after they have completed our services. We believe that a well-trained dog is a happy dog, and we are committed to helping dogs and their owners achieve a happy and healthy relationship.

If you are looking for personalised one-to-one / private obedience or puppy training services for your dog, look no further than our training centre. Our experienced trainers, personalised approach, and commitment to ongoing support make us the ideal choice for dog owners looking to improve their dog's behaviour and strengthen their bond.

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