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June 5, 2023
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our exceptional new trainers one to one dog training

We are thrilled to be introducing our exceptional new trainers who bring their expertise and passion for dogs to our team and we know that they will make great additions to our team at One To One Dog Training School.


With a strong passion for dog training, Chris is eager to make a mark in the field. While relatively new to training dogs, Chris has already completed Level 1 Decoy training and is set to embark on Level 2 Decoy training this month. Upon completing Level 3, Chris will be qualified to decoy for both police dogs and the military—an impressive achievement.

But that’s not all. Chris is committed to continuous learning and professional development. He has enrolled at the prestigious Cambridge Institute to pursue a degree in dog training and canine behaviour, completing the program in just 18 months through the fast-track option. This comprehensive degree covers all aspects of dog training, ensuring Chris is equipped with a broad knowledge base.

Furthermore, Chris has taken proactive steps to enhance his skills and qualifications. He has booked the SIA Door Supervisor License course and is scheduled to achieve NASDU Level 2 and Level 3 certifications. Once completed, Chris will hold qualifications equivalent to a police dog handler—a testament to his dedication and drive.

With his enthusiasm and pursuit of excellence, Chris adds a valuable dimension to our team. We are excited to witness the positive impact he will make in the realm of dog training. Join us as we embark on this incredible journey, where passion, knowledge, and unwavering commitment combine to create remarkable experiences for both trainers and our beloved canine companions.


Next, we have Crispin, our Assistant General Dog Trainer. With qualifications as a NASDU Level 2 Dog Handler and Level 1 Decoy, Crispin’s skills are truly commendable. His love for Belgian Malinois shines through, and he actively works with his personal protection dog on a military site. Moreover, Crispin serves as a training instructor, sharing his knowledge and experience. His dedication and proficiency make him an invaluable addition to our team.

Joining Crispin is Kelsie, our dedicated full-time staff member and Kennel Supervisor. Kelsie’s passion for dogs has been a lifelong journey, starting from an early age. A year ago, she welcomed her first German Shepherd into her life, igniting a burning desire to work with dogs. Currently on the path to achieving NASDU Level 2 certification, Kelsie is continuously enhancing her skills. She is also completing courses in Canine First Aid and Human First Aid, further demonstrating her commitment to providing comprehensive care. As she progresses, Kelsie will step into the role of Assistant Dog Trainer, further amplifying our team’s capabilities.

With Chris, Crispin and Kelsie as part of our team, we are dedicated to providing exceptional training and care for your beloved canine companions. Our exceptional new trainers’ passion, knowledge, and commitment ensure that you and your canine companions will receive the highest level of support and guidance. Join us on this exciting journey as we create harmonious and rewarding relationships with our dogs.

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