Family Protection Dogs

One-to-one private and personalised dog obedience and puppy training classes.

(Covers all breeds of dogs from 12 weeks old).

Family Dog

Family Protection Dogs Training

At One to One Dog Training School, we understand the importance of keeping your loved ones safe. That’s why we offer a specialised program for trained family protection dogs, ensuring a sense of security for your entire household.

Family protection dogs are trained to defend, not attack. These aren’t attack dogs; they are visual deterrents with the training and temperament to act as guardians for your family, children, and property. Our program caters specifically to family needs.

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Family Trained Dogs

Trained Family Protection Dogs

To ensure we successfully produce trained family protection dogs, we conduct a thorough dog pre-assessment to determine your dog’s current skill level, existing commands, and overall temperament. High obedience is crucial, so we ensure your dog has a solid foundation before progressing. We also assess temperament suitability for family life, as the right personality is vital for a harmonious environment.


Our comprehensive one-to-one obedience course covers essential commands like “sit,” “stay,” “down,” and reliable recall. We also emphasise food refusal, a crucial safety aspect when venturing out with your furry guardian.


A well-socialised dog is a safe dog. We prioritise socialisation exercises to ensure your family protection dog behaves appropriately in public settings, keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Once basic commands are mastered, we introduce bite work with a covert sleeve, simulating real-life scenarios. This teaches your dog to effectively deter and defend against home invasions or attacks.


The program culminates in a comprehensive handover session, ensuring your dog seamlessly integrates into your family life while teaching you effective handling techniques to maintain confidence and control.

Cattle Protection Dog

Cattle Protection Dogs

Trained family protection dogs are comfortable around children, pets, and livestock, including horses, cattle, and sheep. While highly effective, cattle protection dogs are specifically trained to deter and defend livestock against predators in rural environments.

They are typically large and imposing breeds with a strong instinct to guard. Living amongst the herd, these dogs form close bonds with the livestock, allowing them to identify and deter threats like wild animals effectively.

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