Dog Training Scotland

Scotland’s Premier Fully Licensed Dog Training School with full pick-up and drop-off service available across the country covering Residential Boarding, Obedience, Protection, PTSD, Reactivity dog training and trained dogs for sale.

Man's Best Friend

Scottish Dog Training

A warm welcome awaits you at our dog training school, your gateway to unparalleled training for your cherished companion or service dog in Scotland, as no one else provides such a full-service range of dog training in the country.

Amidst the captivating allure of Scotland’s landscapes, One to One Dog Training emerges as your trusted ally in the profession of dog training across the country. Our distinctive methodology, complemented by a professional, experienced team, goes beyond just training; it fosters a bond of obedience and trust with your beloved pet or service dog.

Enriching our training services, our exceptional dog training extends through from our farm’s boarding kennels, featuring remarkable facilities which will include CCTV and video updates for your dog’s training. Nestled on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, our setting paints a picturesque canvas for your dog’s transformative journey. We are collaborating with both prison and police sectors for service dogs; our reach spans across Scotland from our location. With our convenient pick-up and drop-off service from anywhere in Scotland, your dog embarks on its new journey of growth and training with us.

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German Shepard

Tailored Dog Training Scotland

Diversity defines dogs, prompting our commitment to tailor residential dog training to each unique canine. Recognising the significance of this step, we ensure that our boarding kennels evolve into a welcoming second home for your beloved pet.

Exceptional Benefits

Nestled within our 10-acre farm, our residential dog training offers an array of advantages, including our unique pick-up and drop-off service throughout Scotland. Customisation reigns supreme as we focus on the dog breed, with individualised training, which is unattainable through conventional group classes or private sessions. Our courses can be customised to suit your own personal needs of the dog.

Support Us

We recognise the importance of unwavering support. Hence, our round-the-clock WhatsApp assistance is available to you. Reach us at 07904 836184 with any query you have before or after you have had your dog trained by us.

Essential Preparation

Before embarking on the residential training experience, the assessment is imperative. This blueprinting process enables us to chart a course that aligns with your dog’s unique needs and yours. With an expert team at the helm, expect steadfast guidance throughout the training process, securing optimal outcomes for your cherished canine.

Dog Bonding

Premier Dog Training Scotland

Our comprehensive training palette spans from fundamental puppy essentials to obedience, tackling reactivity, and protection training. The collective expertise of our professionals assures you of the highest-tier instruction. Our team comprises ex-military, ex-police, civilian dog trainers, and behavioralists, all under comprehensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind. Our DEFRA Class 2 transport vehicles, pick-up and drop-off dogs from all over Scotland, are equipped with full air conditioning to ensure your dog’s comfort in transport.

At our dog hub, positive reinforcement reigns supreme. Compulsion methods like e-collars or prong collars have never been employed by our trainers. Our team is dedicated to cultivating your dog’s potential through effective, reward-centered training techniques. Prepare to witness your dog’s change, a transformation that will unfold right before your eyes with our Dog Training Scotland services.

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