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Scotland's Premier Fully Licensed Dog Training School with full pick-up and drop-off service available across the country covering Residential Boarding, Obedience, Protection, PTSD, Reactivity dog training and trained dogs for sale.

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Scotland's Premier Dog Training Service with full pick-up and drop-off service available across the country

A warm welcome awaits you at our dog training school, your gateway to unparalleled training for your cherished companion or service dog in Scotland, as no one else provides such a full service range of dog training in the country.

Amidst the captivating allure of Scotland's landscapes, One to One Dog Training emerges as your trusted ally in the professional of dog training across the country. Our distinctive methodology, complemented by professional experienced team goes beyond just training, it fosters a bond of obedience and trust with your beloved pet or service dog.

Enriching our training services, our exceptional dog training extends through from our farm's boarding kennels, featuring remarkable facilities which will include cctv and video updates in 2023 for your dog's training. Nestled on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, our setting paints a picturesque canvas for your dog's transformative journey. Collaborating with both prison and police sectors for service dogs, our reach spans across Scotland from our location. With our convenient pick-up and drop-off service from anywhere in Scotland, your dog embarks on it's new journey of growth and training with us.

PLEASE NOTE - Our pick-up and drop-off days for Scotland are Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

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Premier Puppy And Dog Training School Covering Scotland

Our comprehensive training palette spans from fundamental puppy essentials to obedience, tackling reactivity, and into protection training. The collective expertise of our professionals assures you of the highest-tier instruction. Our team comprises ex-military, ex-police, civilian dog trainers, and behavioralists, all under comprehensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind. Our DEFRA Class 2 transport vehicles, pick-up and drop-off dogs from all over Scotland with its equipped full air conditioning, ensure your dog's comfort in transport.

At our dog hub, positive reinforcement reigns supreme. Compulsion methods like e-collars or prong collars are never employed by our trainers. Our team is dedicated to cultivating your dog's potential through effective, reward-centered training techniques. Prepare to witness your dog's change, a transformation that will unfold right before your eyes with our Dog Training Scotland services.


Tailored Residential Dog Training - Elevate Your Dog's Potential with Custom Residential Training covering Scotland

Diversity defines dogs, prompting our commitment to tailor residential dog training to each unique canine. Recognising the significance of this step, we ensure that our boarding kennels evolve into a welcoming second home for your beloved pet. Our comprehensive residential service encompasses every aspect of our courses, from seamless pick-up and introduction to our remote training countryside, to the triumphant return of your dog post-training, allowing you to see the remarkable change in your dog firsthand. Throughout their training with us you will be kept updated on the dog's progress with videos of how the dog is performing.

Exceptional Benefits of Our Residential Dog Training
Nestled within our 10-acre farm, our residential dog training offers an array of advantages including our unique pick-up and drop-off service throughout Scotland. Customisation reigns supreme as we focus on the dog breed, with individualised training, unattainable through conventional group classes or private sessions. Our courses can be customised to suit your own personal needs from the dog.

Distractions and daily stresses melt away, leaving room for immersive training. Unburdened by external interferences, dogs make rapid strides, yielding enhanced results. Our farm provides the spacious area that dogs crave to roam, socialise, and explore, fostering confidence and impeccable conduct. We also ensure your dog is trained in bustling streets and shopping districts, guaranteeing they respond appropriately wherever you go.

Comprehensive Training Plans:

  • Obedience Residential Training

  • Dog Aggression Rehabilitation Training

  • Personal Protection Dog Training (residential)

  • Dog Assessment

  • Guiding the Journey: The Assessment Phase

Prior to embarking on our residential training adventure, a thorough assessment is the cornerstone. Conducted either at your residence for an added convenience fee or at our dedicated dog training school, a fee applies. This initial step ensures we tailor our approach precisely to your dog's distinctive requisites and we can come and access your dog anywhere across Scotland.

Support that Stands Apart
We recognise the importance of unwavering support. Hence, our round-the-clock WhatsApp assistance remains at your service. Reach us at 07904 836184 with any query you have before or after you have had your dog trained by us.

Essential Preparations
Before embarking on the residential training experience, the assessment is imperative. This blueprinting process enables us to chart a course that aligns with your dog's unique needs and yours. With an expert team at the helm, expect steadfast guidance throughout the training process, securing optimal outcomes for your cherished canine.

Please be informed that the prices for our residential dog training in 2023 have been updated.

We are now offering our 15 day training courses for £1500
With an assessment fee / collection of £180 ( depending on location )

! PLEASE NOTE - Residential Collection days for Scotland are on Fridays !

Empower your dog's evolution with our personalised residential training. Witness growth firsthand as your canine companion thrives under expert guidance, poised to embrace new found skills and behaviours.


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PTSD Dog Training in Scotland
Dog Training Reviews

J Smith

Aug 18th, 2023

We would highly recommend Rob and the team

Our boys went to Rob 2 weeks ago for residential training. We decided to do this as they had become very aggressive towards each other and it had become unmanageable with them at home. Within days he had them training together and getting on with each other. One had pretty much always been very reactive to other dogs since being attacked as a puppy and his reactivity has also significantly improved. He would previously lunge and trip you over trying to get to other dogs and this behaviour has almost gone. They are very strong dogs and at times were difficult to walk but they are now walking to heel and responding well to commands. We will be continuing with 1-1 training and group sessions but so far I couldn’t be happier with the results. With dedication to the ongoing training we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel we are looking forward to seeing how they progress further and back to their usually happy playful selves. We would highly recommend Rob and the team.

R Harrigan

Jul 22nd, 2023

he doesn’t react to other dogs or people now

I needed help with my German Shepard he was very reactive, barking and lunging at other dogs and people when we were out walking and would constantly bark and growl if anyone came into my house. I contacted rob who came out and assessed Loki who went to stay with him for a 15 day residency traning. I was worried about sending him but Rob calmed all of my worries and kept me updated with Loki’s progress with photos, videos and phone calls. Since the residency Loki has massively improved he doesn’t react to other dogs or people when we are out walking and generally is more socialised. I can take him to family members houses who have dogs and I don’t worry about how loki will react. I am continuing to work with Rob to improve both mine and Loki’s training to make even more improvements and take him everywhere with me without worry!

S Richards

Jun 11th, 2023

My dog knows when I’m distressed

Rob and all the staff I have met have been outstanding! Rob has been extremely understanding of my needs and travels to Scotland every week to train my dog, which is wonderful because with out him making that effort I would not be able to have a PTSD dog or learn the dog training skills I’m currently learning. The team at one to one dog training school are very easy to work with, all of the team care deeply for the dogs they work with and are committed to giving the highest quality of training to their customers. I would 100% recommend one to one dog training school to anybody looking to work with competent, kind, caring dog trainers or looking to buy an amazing dog who will change your life, like my PTSD Dog I purchased from them has. My dog from one to one dog training school has restored my faith in the world and has helped me take my life back into my own hands. I have suffered from anxiety and PTSD for years but with my dog by my side I feel capable and confident for the first time ever.
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dog training in Scotland

Scotland Dog Training Map
Have a chat with us today and see how we can help you with...

dog training in Scotland

Comprehensive Training For All Dog Breeds Across Scotland

Fed up with ineffective training methods? Exhausted all the online tutorials with little success? Is that troublesome behavior becoming increasingly unmanageable? Do you find yourself on the brink of giving in?

We firmly believe in the unique potential of every dog, advocating for professional training opportunities. This principle underpins our commitment to catering to all dog breeds, irrespective of size, lineage, or mix.

Our seasoned trainers recognise the individuality of each dog, acknowledging their distinctive learning inclinations. This insight fuels our approach of offering tailored one-on-one training sessions designed to address the specific needs and capabilities of your dog, as well as your own preferences and needs.

Whether your dog requires fundamental obedience training, advanced skill development, or behaviour modification, our dedicated trainers are your allies. Our unwavering dedication to positive reinforcement techniques fosters positive conduct and fosters a stronger connection between you and your furry companion.

Our passion is in helping you and your dog reach mutual goals. Promoting a joyful, wholesome, and rewarding companionship. We believe any dog can be saved, and we can work with you on trying to achieve this.

Residential Training is pretty much a boot camp for dogs in need of focused, intensive training and our services cover the whole of Scotland.

- One To One Dog Training
dog obedience training scotland

Obedience Dog Training Scotland: A Foundation of Trust

Building Trust through Obedience - The Heart of Dog Training

The bedrock of a well-mannered dog rests in the firm foundation of obedience. Our proven techniques are the compass that guides dogs to comprehend commands swiftly and appropriately. This training serves as the cornerstone for nurturing mutual respect between owner and their dog.

A contented dog embodies an obedient one, easing the lives of both owner and the dog. Obedience training empowers dogs with the finesse to navigate diverse scenarios gracefully, simultaneously deepening the connection between owner and loyal friend.

Embracing obedience training embodies responsible dog stewardship. By initiating with fundamental principles, infused with positive reinforcement, upheld by consistency and patience, fostering social integration, and considering professional guidance where necessary, you steer your dog toward becoming a well-behaved and joyous member of your cherished family unit.

Tailored Training for Lifelong Harmony
Our courses extend to personalised one-on-one and private obedience as well as puppy training services, all sculpted to foster a harmonious and jubilant relationship between dogs and their owners. Every service is meticulously tailored to cater to the unique requirements of each dog and their human counterpart, collaboratively fashioning a training blueprint that aligns with your precise objectives.

Bespoke Solutions for Challenging Behaviours
Beside our customary training offerings, we extend bespoke behaviour modification programs, meticulously crafted for dogs grappling with specific behavioural hurdles. Our trainers collaboratively formulate a personalised strategy targeting your dog's distinct issues and behaviours.

A Lifelong Journey in Training
Within our training team, we uphold the belief that training is an ongoing journey. Our commitment transcends the training sessions, as we remain constant in providing support and counsel to our clients even beyond program completion. A contented and well-trained dog epitomises the pinnacle of canine happiness, fuelling our unwavering dedication to nurturing harmonious, joyful bonds between dogs and their owners.

Your Path to Canine Harmony
If you seek personalised one-on-one or private obedience and puppy training services, our training hub stands as your prime destination. With seasoned trainers, a personalised ethos, and an unyielding commitment to sustained support, we emerge as the perfect choice for dog owners embarking on a journey to refine behaviour and connection with their beloved companions.


Protection Dog Training: Safety First

Elevate Security with Protection Dog Training

When it comes to your family and home, security takes precedence. Our protection dog training empowers your loyal companion to identify potential threats and respond responsibly. Trained dogs not only deter unwelcome attention but also add an extra layer of safeguarding to your premises and loved ones.

Unlocking Personal Protection Dog Training
Personal protection dog training presents a gateway to individual and familial security, instilling tranquility. These canines are specialists to shield owners from risks like home intrusion, theft, or assault. Unlike traditional guard dogs, personal protection dogs are trained to engage only upon command and solely when their owner's safety is at stake.

The journey of training personal protection dogs is intensive, demanding substantial investment of time and resources. Professional trainers, seasoned in this realm, lead the way. Commencing with foundational obedience training, the curriculum then advances to encompass scent detection, tracking, and apprehension.

Thriving under elevated stress levels while maintaining composure in perilous circumstances is paramount for personal protection dogs. Equally important is their socialisation, ensuring safe interaction with people and fellow animals. The training methodology strives to produce dogs that exude confidence, obedience, and protective instincts without veering into aggression.

Protection dog training offers an invaluable layer of security for individuals and families alike. These executive protection dogs operate as deterrents against potential threats and offer physical protection should the need arise. Beyond that, they serve as companions, delivering both companionship and emotional support.

A Lesson from the Experts
Witness the artistry of protection dog training, executed with precision and mastery. Our seasoned instructors, boasting over four decades of experience and a record of 35,000 trained dogs, meticulously oversee the process. Our Executive dog training is open to all breeds and can be tailored to individual specifications, embodying the pinnacle of personalisation covering not only Scotland, but across the UK and globally too for our clients.

Elevate security through our meticulously crafted protection dog training. Witness the transformation firsthand, as your loyal companion evolves into a vigilant and steadfast protector of your and your family.

Protection Dog Training Scotland offers the top dog trainers from the UK directly to your doorstep, regardless of your location anywhere in Scotland.


PTSD Dog Training Scotland: A Helping Paw

Harnessing the Transformative Power of PTSD Dogs
Understanding the profound therapeutic impact that dogs can have, we extend our services to cover PTSD dog training, offering a lifeline of emotional and psychological support. These canine companions, equipped with specialised training, hold the remarkable ability to detect and alleviate anxiety in their owners, emerging as steadfast pillars of comfort during trying times. Beyond mere pets, they evolve into extraordinary, life-altering allies.

Referred to as service dogs or PTSD dogs, these canines undergo meticulous training to extend essential aid to individuals grappling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The spectrum of symptoms encompassing anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and avoidance behaviors is thoughtfully managed by these dedicated animals.
A constellation of daily tasks is effortlessly managed by PTSD dogs. They offer solace during panic attacks, anxiety episodes, and flashbacks, provide personal protection during excursions, rouse their owners from night terrors, and furnish reminders for medication adherence. As constant companions radiating unconditional love and unwavering support, they play a pivotal role in restoring stability.

These adept canines are versed in an array of actions. They rouse their owners from harrowing nightmares, extend physical comfort amid panic attacks, and offer timely alerts to potential triggers. In addition, their presence significantly bolsters their owners' confidence in public settings, inherently challenging for those grappling with PTSD.

Under the wings of the Equality Act 2010 in the UK, PTSD dogs receive formal recognition as assistance dogs. Consequently, they enjoy unrestricted access to public spaces, ranging from shops and eateries to seamless travel on public transportation.
PTSD Dogs in Scotland for sale and training
Experience the profound transformation brought forth by PTSD dogs — a testament to the potent bond between humans and their devoted canine companions. Embrace their steadfast presence, for they transcend pet status, becoming beacons of hope and strength in the face of adversity. We offer PTSD trained dogs for sale and can train your dog so get in touch for more details and we cover the whole of Scotland with our pick-up and/or drop-off services.

Reactivity Dog Training: Calming the Storm

It's not uncommon for dogs to showcase reactive behaviours, be it towards fellow animals, humans, or particular scenarios. Such reactions, whether grounded in aggression or fear, demand a professional touch for correction. At One to One Dog Training, our tailored programme is crafted to transform these behaviours, guiding dogs to react with poised serenity.

Our seasoned trainers blend positive reinforcement with behaviour modification strategies to effectively combat canine aggression and reactivity. Initiated by a detailed behavioural assessment, our regimen involves a custom-devised plan targeting the core of the dog's unrest.

Training is a collaborative journey where our experts closely partner with both the canine and its owner. The goal of Reactivity Dog Training Scotland is to instil preferable behaviours in the dog, like obedience and appropriate interaction, while simultaneously empowering owners with the knowledge to predict and manage potential future issues.

Concluding our programme, our vision is a content, well-balanced dog proficient in socialising safely and positively. And our commitment doesn’t end there, we provide a fully supported pillar for both pet and owner, assuring enduring harmony. So if you are needing our dog training help then please reach out to us and we can discuss the best training for your needs.


Trained Dogs for Sale SCOTLAND: More than Just Pets


Discover exceptional trained dogs that transcend traditional pet companionship at One to One Dog Training. Our distinct pride lies in offering dogs that not only adhere to the most elevated standards of training, but also bring a trove of advantages to their new homes. Whether you're seeking a protective presence, law enforcement support, or emotional solace, our meticulously trained dogs stand ready to enrich your life.
Enhanced Security and Protection
Experience an unparalleled sense of security with our range of protection dogs. These devoted canine protectors are more than just pets, they're vigilant guardians of your home and family members. Offering unwavering watchfulness, they ensure your haven remains a fortress of safety.
Professional Support Partners
For professionals in law enforcement and security services, our impeccably trained dogs serve as ideal candidates for roles such as police or prison dogs. Trained to epitomise discipline and obedience, they become integral assets in maintaining order and enhancing operational efficiency.
Empathetic Companionship
Our PTSD dogs are empathetic partners, attuned to emotional and psychological needs. With the ability to identify anxiety triggers, they offer instant comfort, becoming lifelines in moments of distress. Embrace their supportive presence and experience a newfound sense of well-being.
Exceptional Selection and Training Process
We meticulously source our dogs, focusing on breeds such as Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds. These dogs hail from esteemed UK and European breeders and vendors, fostered by longstanding relationships.
Upon entering our training school, each dog undergoes thorough veterinary evaluations and arrives with complete documentation.
Prior to embarking on obedience and protection training, a comprehensive four-week assessment ensures a tailored approach to each dog.

The training journey entails close collaboration between our expert instructors and operational prison dog handlers. This personalised one-on-one approach ensures training efficacy and lasting results.
Course-Ready Canine Partners
Our website showcases a range of course-ready dogs, indicating their successful completion of training and readiness for deployment. Training packages are separate from dog prices, with course-ready dogs starting from £3000.
Comprehensive Support
Every protection dog comes with a welcome pack containing essential items like influence dog training collars, leads, and bowls. International buyers can also avail themselves of our trained dogs, with worldwide export options. Expenses for travel and a week's handover with a certified instructor are the buyer's responsibility. We cover of course the whole of Scotland and the UK with our trained dog sales.
Tailored Pricing Tiers
Our pricing structure aligns with the caliber and excellence of our services. Obedience-trained dogs start from £3000, while our comprehensive obedience and personal protection dogs begin at £7000.

Elevate your canine experience with our remarkable trained dogs. They're not merely companions, they're transformative additions to your life. Explore our range today and embrace the extraordinary possibilities they bring to your home and journey. Reach out to discuss your requirements, and we can explore the dogs we have available or those in training that might align with your needs with delivery to anywhere in Scotland.


Our Boarding Kennels Routine

At our dedicated dog training and residence school we are unwavering in our commitment to providing top-tier care for your cherished four-legged companions. We distinguish ourselves by giving paramount importance to upholding impeccable levels of hygiene and tidiness within our canine boarding kennels.

Our exclusive cleaning regimen is designed to uphold an unwavering standard of cleanliness and sanitation within our kennels, ensuring an environment that is consistently pristine. Recognising the pivotal role a clean and cozy setting plays in the holistic health and well-being of your dogs during their stay, we have meticulously crafted our approach.

Our adept team of professionals follows a meticulous protocol to rigorously maintain stringent standards of cleanliness. Every kennel undergoes regular and thorough cleaning and disinfection cycles, resulting in an ambiance that is perpetually fresh and inviting for your beloved canines. From waste disposal to comprehensive surface sterilisation, we attend to every dog need, so the facilities are both hygienic and inviting for your dog.

To ensure a healthy and inviting atmosphere, we employ industry-standard cleaning methodologies and materials to effectively obliterate germs and banish odours. Our dedicated personnel are resolute in fostering a secure and joyous "home away from home" for your dogs, with cleanliness being a foremost concern.

In selecting our specialised dog training and residence school, you can rest assured that we not only approach your dog's training with the utmost seriousness but also always uphold an environment that is pristine and sanitary. Entrust us with the responsibility of affording your cherished companions the highest degree of care, and cleanliness during their stay with us.

Experience an unparalleled fusion of exceptional training in an environment that is flawlessly maintained. Secure your dog's' stay with us and observe firsthand the transformation that our commitment to cleanliness, training and well being can have on your dog.

We NEVER use Electric Collars / E-Collars or Pinch Collars during our training!

Some of our dog training videos

Reach out to us about our services throughout Scotland

To learn more about our comprehensive dog training services throughout Scotland, feel free to get in touch. Whether you're from Glasgow, Edinburgh, or the borders, to the highlands or islands and everywhere in between, our friendly team is ready to assist you and your dog. Call our local Scottish numbers on:

📞 Glasgow - 0141 611 7289

📞 Edinburgh - 0131 202 9120

Or you can reach us at 07904 836184 via our whatsapp support. Alternatively, fill out our enquiry form for detailed information tailored to your needs. Trust in One to One Dog Training to deliver unmatched expertise and care for your dog throughout Scotland and remember we offer a full pick-up and drop-off service as part of our training across the country.

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Covering Scotland wide with our dog training pick-up and drop-off services from our location at 5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AN.
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