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Dutch Shepherd / Herder

We are Dutch Shepherd training specialists. We work with many breeds, starting with puppies as early as twelve weeks of age. Dutch Shepherds are medium-sized dog and were originally bred by farmers and herders in the Netherlands to be utilised in the agricultural sector.

The Dutch Shepherd is a rare breed of Shepherd Dog, and it nearly became extinct in the 1940s and 1950s due to the rapid increase of industrialisation. They share close ancestry to the German Shepherd, so they exhibit similar levels of intelligence, agility and obedience. It’s important to undertake Dutch Shepherd puppy training at an early age to fully stimulate their minds and refine their natural protective instincts.

Training options include:

  • Basic obedience

  • Intermediate/advanced obedience

  • Person protection training

  • Executive protection training


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Training for Dutch Shepherds

This breed is wary around strangers and fiercely loyal, which makes a Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog the breed of choice for many. Despite their strong working instincts, they are becoming a highly popular pets due to their friendly and loving nature, especially around children and other pets. The Dutch Herder is reliable, watchful and very intuitive, which is why they respond so well to protection and service training.

Our training will teach you to be a confident and firm handler to avoid the stubborn streak common in this breed. We’ll begin with basic obedience training to ensure that your dog can respond to “sit”, “stay, “down”, recall and food refusal and fully socialise your canine in busy public spaces. Once the simple commands are learnt, our training specialists can move on to more complex protection or K9 training.

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