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Border Collie Puppy Training

We specialise in Border Collie dog training from twelve weeks of age. Border Collie is a British breed of herding dog of the collie type of medium size. It originates in the region of the Anglo-Scottish border, and descends from the traditional sheepdogs once found all over the British Isles. It is kept mostly as a working sheep-herding dog or as a companion animal. It competes with success in sheepdog trials. It has been claimed that it is the "most intelligent" breed of dog.

The border collie is descended from landrace collies, a type found widely in the British Isles. The name for the breed came from its probable place of origin along the Anglo-Scottish border. Mention of the "collie" or "Colley" type first appeared toward the end of the 19th century, although the word "collie" is older than this and has its origin in the Scots language. It is also thought that the word 'collie' comes from the old Celtic word for useful. Many of the best border collies today can be traced back to a dog known as Old Hemp.

In 1915, James Reid, Secretary of the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) in the United Kingdom first used the term "border collie" to distinguish those dogs registered by the ISDS from the Kennel Club's collie (or Scotch collie, including the rough collie and smooth collie) which originally came from the same working stock but had developed a different, standardised appearance following introduction to the show ring in 1860 and mixture with different breeds.

Training options include:

  • Basic Obedience

  • Intermediate/advanced obedience

  • Person protection training

  • Executive protection training

Medium Sized Dog Breed

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Obedience Training for Border Collies

With such admirable qualities, it’s important to note that without enough interaction and stimulation, Collies can become bored: chewing, digging or licking furniture and fixtures within your home. Obedience training is vital to prevent troublesome behaviours from becoming a habit and ensures that both you and your dog will be content.

We’ll begin with basic obedience training to ensure that your dog can respond to “sit”, “stay, “down”, recall and food refusal and fully socialise your canine in busy public spaces. Once the simple commands are learnt, our training specialists can move on to more complex protection or K9 training. Collies respond very well to positive reinforcement, which makes them excellent candidates for assistance and protection dogs. Their natural suspicion of strangers, alertness and agility make them a formidable protection dogs to deter thieves, intruders and attackers.

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