Aggression & Reactivity Training

One-to-one, private and personalised dog aggression & reactivity training.

£150 per session for reactivity training
( covers all breeds of dogs from 12 weeks old )
Offer available from the Scottish Borders up to Edinburgh

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Overcome aggression and reactivity in your dog

Aggression and reactivity in dogs can be serious problems, and addressing these issues requires professional training and expertise. We offer a comprehensive aggression and reactivity dog training programme that is designed to help dogs overcome these behaviours and become well-adjusted members of their families and community.

Our experienced trainers use a combination of positive reinforcement techniques and behaviour modification methods to address aggression and reactivity in dogs. We take a personalised approach to training, tailoring our methods to the specific needs of each dog and its owner. Our programme includes a thorough assessment of the dog's behaviour, followed by a customised training plan that addresses the root causes of the aggression or reactivity.

During the training, our trainers work closely with the dog and their owner to address the dog's behaviour in a controlled and safe environment. We focus on teaching the dog alternative behaviours that are more desirable, such as obedience and appropriate socialisation. We also teach owners how to recognise and manage their dog's behaviour, so that they can prevent problems from arising in the future.

At the end of our aggression and reactivity dog training programme, we aim to have a well-adjusted and happy dog that is able to interact with people and other animals in a safe and positive manner. Our trainers are committed to providing ongoing support to both the dog and their owner to ensure long-term success.

Aggression and reactivity issues don't just "get better over time". You need to address them as soon as it happens.

- One To One Dog Training
We can accommodate severe dog reactivity and are willing to take on dogs others will not!


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Dog Aggression



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Extraordinary Results

Our dog aggression specialist Janie found a passion for working with aggressive dogs after her own experience. She thrives on saving dogs that would otherwise be classed as dangerous or unmanageable. Her results are extraordinary, and her priority is always the dog’s welfare.

Common forms of dog aggression:

Body language - if your dog is showing tense body language with a low tail carriage, they are showing signs of dog aggression.

Avoidance - Aggressive dogs are prone to avoiding other dogs and humans by looking away, walking away or even hiding.

Yawning - Is your dog yawing repeatedly or licking their lips and nose often? These are signs of stress that can lead to aggression.

Movement - Constant growling at people is a major cause of embarrassment and stress. Train your dog to handle stress!

Biting and Snapping – The above behaviours if left unchecked could progress to biting and snapping if the dog is not properly trained.

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