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We are a Premier Dog Training School in the UK that offers one-to-one dog training for all dog breeds and issues.

We Train All Breeds

Tired of ineffective training? Tried all the YouTube videos out there and not achieved what you hoped for? Is the unwanted behaviour getting worse by the day? Do you feel like you are about to give up?

We believe that all dogs are special and deserve the opportunity to receive expert training. That’s why we offer our services to all dog breeds, big or small, purebred or mixed.

Our experienced trainers understand that every dog is unique and has their own individual learning style. That’s why we provide personalised one-to-one training sessions that are tailored to your dog’s specific needs and abilities as well as your needs and requirements.

Our Reviews

100% verified unbiased feedback and honest reviews from our satisfied customers.

  • Becky R.

    Nottingham, UK

    Thanks to One To One Dog Training UK, I can now travel the world and enjoy the life with my best friend Rolo.

  • Steve B.

    Manchester, UK

    I feel safe leaving the house knowing that Jasper will look after my young family and keep them safe. Thanks for making this possible.

  • Paul M.

    Derby, UK

    Charlie used to bite anyone who tries to leave the house and he was dog aggressive. Now we’re able to invite people over again and not worry he will bite someone or other dogs. Cheers!

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